Sunday, January 2, 2011

Raving Dove is Back!

Raving Dove is Back


After a year’s hiatus Raving Dove, edited by Jo-Ann Moss, is once again taking submissions and challenging the status quo with some of the most honest and urgent work I have seen. To read these poems is to have layers of denial flee off your soul, dissolved by an effluence of poignant and radiant words.

Now is a great time to peruse Raving Dove, and polish your best pieces. By supporting this journal (and there are many ways, from time to kindness to cash) you are repudiating violence in all its sad and horrid forms, including war and atrocious desecrations of human rights.

If you’ve been searching for deep purpose in your craft, beset by a fierce hunger for the good, here is a wellspring of heartfelt voices and indefatigable hope. In our money-leashed world of grey chores and ashen stress, the freedom-loving wings of the Raving Dove gleam like bold candle flames. You’ll hear about the suffering of the downtrodden, yes, but not in isolation under the anchor of despair.

One of Raving Dove’s greatest gifts is its aura of camaraderie and fortitude.

Check out the glow.


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