Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gun Violence Rips At The Fabric Of The US Empire

In the wake of the bloody rampage in Tucson, I want to reiterate what I have said many times on this blog, namely, that the US is infected with extreme sickness in the form of militarism (hence two foolish and atrocious wars), weapon addiction, and also the verbal and physical violence that results from horrible demagogues who use gun-metaphors to "target" their opponents. These disgusting 'leaders' inflame hatred and bigotry by the flagrant and constant use of anger-inducing, pernicious rhetoric.

This country is intractably divided into two factions, one of which has a progressive agenda that leads in the direction of the rest of the civilized world; and yet the other is the utter lap dog of billionaire Greed, employing fascist appeals of the 'us vs. them' type, and doing whatever it takes to harness the ignorance and gullible frustration of a large segment of the populace.

The United States is a bellicose Empire that in the short time span of about sixty years has gone from supremacy to debauched and pitiable decline. We are the poster child of modern Imperial moral failure, and I scream inside when I consider what will happen if politicians like Sarah Palin, who put their opponents in gun sights targeted on maps, continue to gain power.

To whatever Forces of Goodness exist in the universe, all I can say is HELP the US!



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  1. It's truly shocking what happened and I don't even like to think about where the various threads of cause and effect really go in this one,