Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poem: Summary

This poem originally appeared in Juice.

To read it at its original home, go here:

Owl Who Laughs in Juice

For some sad reason, Juice seems to have stopped publishing, a tremendous loss to the poetry world.

A silver lining: The archives are still available (use the above link).

One neat thing about Juice, among many, is that in addition to wonderful editors (Judy L. Brekke and Stephen S. Morse), it had a "contributing shaman," Gene Fowler.

I bet no other lit zine has ever had someone boast the official title of "contributing shaman."

Truly cool.

It's a little late, but I'd like to thank all the team at Juice for years of dedication to the world of poetry. I was very very honored to be in (what appears) the last issue, an annual for 2008.

Thanks for reading!




he flails in a nurturant sphere,
kicking every vein.
he escapes and waddles,
brays and cockadoodles,
until a sloppy word
slings off his tongue
into an aural bull’s-eye.

he mutates as he speaks,
sobbing then elated,
serene yet monstrous,
injected by pituitaries.
he brags and postures,
guns a chevy, fidgets against
the crux of a girl.

then life’s two parts suburb,
five parts chain.
stress and boredom take turns
grinding him against chores.
worries rush through
his pancreas
until he’s frazzled and grizzled,
a mellowed stump of cocky banana
whose peel once hummed.

he placates his grandchildren,
chortles when they say he’s great—-
when death and age are merely stains
on the stretching agenda
of his glory.


  1. Not to sound too stalker-ish, but I've been researching you. Or rather, your works. I liked what you said in Arabesques Review (2007): "There is a growing need for poetry now. The honest sort that shrieks of peril, or fawns at the feet of simple miracles." I agree, and personally, I prefer the latter form of poetry. As I was trying to decide whether or not I should purchase one of your books, I discovered your blog. This poem tipped the scales of my curiosity in your favor. :) So which work would you suggest as an official introduction? Exile of the Loons, Echoes of an Owl, or Gordian Butterflies?

  2. This is very gratifying, thank you! Although I sound jocular on my blog (alternating with rants) I do work very hard in a quest-like fashion on my poems, pretty much continuously.

    Um, I would start with Gordian Butterflies, which is available for free viewing online:


    There's also a review of it:


    I have seven chapbooks now and all of them have some of my best, but this is easiest for you. I just won a poetry chapbook competition and will be posting on that soon.

    If you want more poems later, email me!

    A Happy Owl

  3. Thank you! I've finished my first reading of Gordian Butterflies and was surprised at the flood of thoughts and emotions provoked. I look forward to reading and re-reading more...

  4. Well, thank you too. It's nice to have a reader who just found my work out of the blue. A real pleasure.

    Thank you again!