Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Chapbook Reviewed by Crafty Green Poet!

Juliet Wilson, one of the most energetic and intelligent word-dancers in the literary blogosphere, has just posted a short yet pithy review of my chapbook, Man Watches January, on her blog:

Crafty Green Poet

This brief review is a great delight to me, augmented by my complete admiration for Wilson's ethics, which are devoted to the beauty of nature in its varied manifestations, and protecting the Earth from the ravages of money-hungry expansion.

On her blog, she celebrates the art of the wild through all seasons, praising critters, ice crystals and leaves. She is a true druidess in a desperate time of rapid change.

In addition to her blog, she somehow finds the vim to run a superlative lit journal:

Bolts of Silk

If you have a poem that reached into you and bid you to write it, and which then revealed it is very much a part of your own special way of celebrating our greenblue globe, send it on to Bolts of Silk.

Juliet Wilson deserves such an extraordinary gift from your muse, and your poem will have found a hale perch in the sylvan groves of the internet.

Thank you, Druidess Wilson!


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