Friday, January 14, 2011

The Movie 'Inside Job' Could Change Your Life!

As Americans on the right and left shake each other by the throats, I can think of no better medicine than for all of us to go watch the film Inside Job, which is still playing in theaters, and will surely be available other ways soon.

This is a professionally produced movie, narrated by none other than Matt Damon, which brilliantly and concisely shows the momentum of greed on Wall Street that led to the Great Recession. The utter audacity, duplicity, corruption and vile denial on display woudl be unimaginable, except it all unfolds before you, highlighted by incisive interviews, lucid explanations and careful research.

The movie makes it clear: the United States' main problem (along with its addiction to war) is the sick way in which greed has infected our monstrous banking institutions and also the government. Government employees of the highest status, once their term ends, graduate to lavish salaries on Wall Street; and often they come right back around into federal positions again (which means they pay no taxes on millions of dollars in stocks they sell off to avoid conflict of interest). It's a revolving door of vastly unethical proportions. A Byzantium of fiscal sin.

On thing that shocked me was how professors of economics at major universities have been fully co-opted. They are as corrupt and greedy as the brokers and bankers. Their egos are so huge that some of them are interviewed in the movie and make their sins obvious to all. Their blatant lies are ridiculous and despicable.

How astonishingly sad it is that our country is being hobbled by incredibly selfish anti-virtuous people who live recklessly and wallow in materialism.

If everyone in America saw Inside Job, I think we would stop our snarking, at least for a moment, and realize we are all being played while the fat cats at the top buy multiple mansions, yachts, and fleets of airplanes.

I urge the citizens of the US to focus on eliminating the presence of Greed. It is this weight pulling us down, the elephant in the room we don't see.

Stop hating each other and unite against the true enemy.


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  1. Thank you, Chris, for this powerful recommendation. Many recent late-night conversations with friends have turned to the topic of Greed in our country. I'll watch for the movie's release on DVD. Deb