Saturday, January 29, 2011

At the Sassy Beak, I'm Poem of the Week!

Over at The Toucan, my piece titled “Endless Novel” is up as Poem of the Week:

OWL's moment in the tropical sun!

You just have to love Liz and Laura, the editrices of this jazzy-sassy zine. They are highly witty and darn-tootin’ funny, offering piquant monologues to accompany the wondrous wares of their contributors.

Said contributors are treated with great kindness, and sometimes become a key component of one of the legendary monologues--never in a bad way, of course ...(Well, maybe once a certain owlish fellow was put in his place for saying that Laura doesn’t exist--but that’s water, or should I say ruffled feathers, under the bridge).

If you’re looking for a fun yet talent-driven site for your poems, I strongly suggest this tropical haven. Be nice to Liz and Laura. They must work extremely hard to do such an extraordinary job.


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  1. Just saw this...The "Sassy Beak"? Can you say spin-off? Thanks yet again!