Friday, December 31, 2010

Interview: Jane Crown's Poetry Radio


Jane Crown has scheduled only eight interviews for her radio show in 2011, and I am beyond thrilled that I am one of the lucky ones. My interview is scheduled for August 7, the last slot in the schedule. You can see the whole calendar here:

Jane Crown's Poetry Radio

In the archives, there are easily over two hundred interviews, an accomplishment worthy of a literary Xena. Such astounding magnitude speaks of formidable dedication to poetry and poets.

Crown also runs Heavy Bear Magazine, another treasury of wordplay. I have spoken at length about this wonderful venue before:

Heavy Bear Magazine Review

Crown has yet another laudable trait: she combines her own moral imperatives with her creative productions. She is not afraid to fustigate the powers that be. Being an ethics professor, I have found that most people shy away from denied pockets of dirt and dysfunction, particularly when criticizing their own country. Courageously, this wonderful editor steps up to podium, one she has created through her own passion and will.

I greatly admire Crown for her ethical verve alone, and when you add an intensive commitment to poets, the result is excellence not just in terms of artistry but also heart.

Interviews don’t come my way often. Each is like a joyous tattoo on my memory. I want to mention one of the most magical adventures in my poetic journey: when I was on Poets’ CafĂ©, a radio show of KPFK Los Angeles, interviewed by the insightful and intuitive Lois P. Jones. These two special interviews are available online for instant and free replay:

My Poet's Cafe Interviews

The KPFK appearances revamped my morale and gave me great perseverance. Best of all, I am still in contact with Lois P. Jones, a world-class poet and eloquent sage of the Lorca- and Neruda-esque.

Thanks to Jane Crown's Poetry Radio, I will get to do another high-quality interview. Without doubt,I will strive to do my best, because I know how indelibly meaningful interviews can be.

Happy New Year To All!



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