Sunday, January 23, 2011

Acceptance: Viral Cat

Viral Cat took three of my poems, yay!

I am goo-goo for this avant-garde journal. The San Francisco-based team combines writing, art, video, photography and anything else they want into a mesmerizing confluence.

This accords with their daring philosophy: “Sharing creative works across genres and mediums is integral to maximizing artists' creative potential.”

I strongly and utterly recommend checking out their most recent issue:

Read Viral Cat

It starts with a painting called “Out of Place” which is a blend of Dali, Sartre and Kahlo meeting in a doom-stung glade.

Following this are two outstandingly unique poems. One is a lyrical love poem with superb and surprising imagery. And the other is by Sergio Ortiz, who I think could become one of the great poets. I mean that sincerely. I am known to be histrionic and hyperbolic, but this kind of claim is rare even for me.

(I have seen Ortiz in other journals, so this is not a spontaneous decree of worship)

The poem by Ortiz is “To the Zookeeper on the Hudson” and it is just devastating. It crushes reality as we know it.

Every time I dabble in this latest issue from Viral Cat, I only become more appreciative and spangle-eyed.

Yes, I strongly recommend this feline zine. In fact I give it my highest recommendation: Five Hoots of Happiness!


PS: I don’t really have a rating scale, but if I did, Viral Cat would get the maximum number of Hoots, Stars, Talons, Mice or whatever else an owl would use for a rating symbol.

Poems accepted:

Thoughts After a Stroke
Moonless Woods

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