Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poem: Genetics

This poem was recently published in Viral Cat. To see my other two poems, and to check out this great lit zine, go here:

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I'm honored that "Genetics" occurs alongside a very cool and engaging artwork called "Rabbits" by 222 art crew. I would ask to buy "Rabbits," if I had any decent amount of money. Go to Viral Cat and check it out!

In any case, thank you for reading.




we started as eggs
and eat eggs, and put our
signature on how
they are made. nothing
gets born that didn’t
offer up its future.
we are germinal
and the terminus.
e. coli our crown.
we polish enzymes,
re-splice their slant.
nucleic spin.
we are Organism.
our decrees
spiral through codes,
hunting brain cells
with hungry scopes,
until we find you.


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