Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why isn't the US condemning Mubarak?????

What is wrong with the United States? Why are we supporting this iron tyrant in Egypt, even as the people rise up in a bold and valiant attempt to gain democracy and free speech?

I remember being taught in grammar school and high school how wonderful our country was, such a champion of rights. I was taught we are a special people who place liberty as our highest value--

and yet what I see now is that we support a vicious devil of a human being, a cruel and absolutely horrid soul. I don't see how virtuous leaders in a virtuous country could support such a spawn of evil. And yet our leaders support him.

What would Jesus say as we kiss the hand of a bloodthirsty caesar? If Jesus came today, the United States would side against him and with the oppressors.

Even as the people of Egypt rage in the streets, trying to win a revolution from this monster Mubarak--in much the way we have framed our own escape from the tyranny of colonial Britain--our leaders do nothing. Our President and his Cabinet stand equivocal at best.

What is wrong with us? We have become a thoroughly debauched empire, more interested in assets than liberty. Our decayed heart is naked on display for the whole world to see. If we truly championed liberty, as I was taught as a child, we would side with the people of Egypt, who are crying out for escape from a torturous police state.

I am ashamed of my country for its hypocrisy, which is blatant and obscene.

We can no longer pretend with any level of success to put the ideal of freedom above the ignoble concerns of our power politics. Our leaders have no right to use the word "freedom" as if they loved it above all else.

It's a lie.

We have become a country that bargains in full complicity with demons.


  1. Answer:

    USA must guard its financial, military, and political investments in the Gulf - i.e. Saudi Arabia.

    And, as we know, Saudi Arabia supports Mubarak.

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