Saturday, February 19, 2011

Going To Hell

The Washington Post informed us yesterday that Bahrain, a US ally, was firing live ammunition at pro-democracy protesters, and today the New York Times headline is “US offered Rosy View Before Bahrain Crackdown.” Speaking about Ms. Clinton’s remarks two months ago in Bahrain, the article says:

Her rosy assessment, which seems incongruous in light of the army’s bloody crackdown on protesters, illustrates how the United States government has overlooked recent complaints about human rights abuses in a kingdom that is an economic and military hub in the Persian Gulf.

In Egypt, Bahrain and elsewhere in the Middle East, the US has supported vicious dictators for decades. And guess what? We’ve supported bloody dictators in Latin American too, and Asia, and virtually every other region of the globe.

Read some Noam Chomsky. Or just go to

Maybe I am being selfish in repeating how disgusted I am with my country for supporting scores of Darth Vaders while proclaiming to champion democracy and freedom. Maybe I want the gods to look down and see that I objected, that I screamed the internet version of a scream--


--in utter condemnation of my country’s moral depravity.

If we are going to be judged by the gods someday, I don’t see how the smug satisfied members of our cruel US Empire can avoid going to hell.



  1. As far as Bahrain is concerned the height of hypocrisy is Bernie Ecclestone and the Formula 1 Grand Prix motor racing circus. Quote: "We may have to cancel the forthcoming Bahrain race if the riots continue."
    In other words this is sending the message that if the despot kills or bribes enough people and the trouble then ceases we shall have the Bahrain race. The obvious though then is: Why don't Formula 1 race teams or their drivers have the guts to boycott the race? Answer: If an old campaigner like Michael Schumacher is pulling $15 million a year what are the young guns, the front of the grid drivers taking home?
    It's all very well criticising the USA but they are not alone in all this.
    I remember that international sport boycotted South Africa and thereby helped bring more quickly an end to the regime and the arpartheid system. Why are today's sporting stars conspicuously silent?

  2. What's going on in the streets of Bangazi, Libya is a massacre, already 200 killed, 900 wounded and it is being carried out with impunity by mercenary soldiers. So where are the UN for example?

  3. I can recall Gaadafi's famous piece of theatr, his rehabilition speech to the UN where delegates walked out or pretended to be asleep. Why isn't he being called to New York to give another speech now - his son just announced on Libyan Radio that tens of thousands are on the way to Triploi to "support leader in his fight". A call for more mercenaries I presume that is.

  4. All the talk about democracy and freedom, spewed from the US (and apparently the UN) as if it were a shining bastion of goodness, is being revealed as a vast lie, more so than in the past.

    It's as if a big banner appeared in the sky, held by God's most noble angels "The US supports evil tyrants!!!"

    But who will notice, even now?

    I shudder at the thick-skulled denial of the herds.