Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Acceptance: Yes, Poetry!

Yes, Poetry!

Yes, Poetry! is a young zine, yet fully alert and alluring. It is run out of NYC, showcasing some incredible voices that stand out in the global babble of the internet. It is an extra special gift to aspiring poets in the New York region and such writers are frequently featured.

Editor Joanna Valente began this brave venture not too long ago (the first issue was March 2010), pouring serious energy and intelligence into the site, and it has been flourishing ever since. She has exceptional endurance and a ferocious passion for the literary arts. I’ve written about her and YP before:

Owl on YP

She has been joined by Stephanie Valente, who has assumed the formidable title of Associate Editor. Between the two of them, they are continuing to produce new issues at an astounding clip. YP is one of the most vibrant and immediate journals I know of, producing a new issue every month.

I strongly suggest submitting urgent pieces, edited from your essence(and please read an issue of YP first!). Although the Editors Valente publish relatively fast, they are attracting major talent just as swiftly.

I’m honored that they took my poem, “Assimilation,” one of my most telling social commentaries.

As I’ve said before, editors are the lifeblood of the poetry world, and deserve all the respect we writers can muster--and yet the most dedicated editors of all, like those at YP, are as rare and special as ambrosia.

Be kind and grateful.


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