Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Acceptance: Moulin Review

Moulin Review is a literary and arts journal staffed by the Windmill Writers of Brookhaven College in Dallas. The quality of the writing is topnotch and, as a sweet bonus, artwork accompanies the poems and shorts. To access the web version of Volume 2 (Spring 2010) follow this link and scroll down:

Moulin Review

There are about ten poets in this issue, including some well-known wordsmiths who have dedicated their lives to the craft. The skinny, though, is that all the poetry is good, not just a few gems.

My favorite artwork is “Stephanie” by someone identified only as Zareh. Let me emphasize that the visuals are just as wonderful as the writing. It’s a soul-strumming pleasure to read a few powerful stanzas and then savor an evocative photograph or prodigy of brushstrokes.

The impresario of this outstanding journal is editor Erin Marissa Russell. A fairly large staff is involved, including web experts, reviewers, and advisors. Elena Harding co-edited Volume One with Russell.

Although relatively young, Moulin Review is off to a fantastic start. Brookhaven College should be proud. This journal is on par, or superior to, collections from much larger campuses. Let’s hope that Russell gets plenty of plaudits.

And a big THANK YOU to the whole team at Moulin Review for producing something extraordinary.

My only criticism is that there is no Table of Contents. This means that you have to explore to find out what treasures are inside. But maybe that’s the point.

My poem “Mud” is scheduled for release in Volume 3 (Spring 2011). I'm honored! And I'm looking forward to receiving my hard copy in the mail!


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