Sunday, February 13, 2011

Release: Viral Cat February 2011 Issue

Viral Cat February 2011

Viral Cat is a madly intense art and poetry zine. The art clutches your underworld and the poetry sears it with sharp taints.

The two alternate in a shoulder-slamming toboggan ride through the reality-cracking, nerve-sparking gauntlet that is Viral Cat.

This is a must-read journal. This is a mental mezzanine somewhere between Surface and Underhaze where two mental kingdoms--one of vigorous earth, one of brawling ocean--collide.

The creatures in Viral Cat have an insane genetics. They lesson your perception like a lysergic whip. If you don’t believe me, see the artwork “Rabbits” by root 222 arts crew, which occurs alongside my poem “Genetics”:

OWL's Genetics and root 222's Rabbits

And then slide down to “Meal” by Teresa Shartel and “Horses” (root 222 arts crew) to complete the scramble of visual onomatopoeia.

Look back through my blog at any of my other poetry Releases: you will see that none of them are this manic and unstable. Viral Cat hit me with a magnificent overload of anti-norm venom that makes Van Gogh look tame.

It is indeed infectious. This journal lives its policy. If you are not burbling “goo goo” after a few pages then thought police have slammed shut your inner doors, protecting a fragile fa├žade of sterilized truths.

This is one of the best new zines in Etheropolis, and though the editors prefer their privacy, I did get a name on my acceptance email, and I googled that name and the name is associated with a discipline that deconstructs society down to its fundamental filaments of misdirection and error.

Viral Cat re-images the collective script. I dare you--DARE-- to take the blue pill and go down the rabbit hole, into the realm of root 222 art crew’s “Rabbits.”

After the “Rabbits” come the “Horses” and then a dozen other neo-shamanic images of darksweet ecstasy. The stanzas swirl into a torrent. Soon you awake to find yourself releasing from the umbilicals of The Matrix, cradled in the shiny silver spindles of a giant liberating spider.

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