Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poem: Garapito Loop

Of all the poems I’ve written, this is one of my favorites. It is based on a solo night hike above Los Angeles.

“Garapito Loop” was originally published in Wilderness House Literary Review by one of my very favorite editors: Irene Koronas. She’s brilliant and original. Enough said.


PS: yes, there is a certain word that is mis-spelled in this poem. It works the way it is, conjures a certain character.


Garapito Loop

a bright net hugs the land
as far as you can see.
only imaginable
are the busy creatures
it has swallowed.
in this grip of the electric,
dwells everyone:
a neighbor you
undress daily with thoughts;
a gas clerk whose smile once
mattered; chocolate
on the faces of boys
in a park.

from your perch of stones
like stegosaur humps,
you might as well be a satellite,
or the squint
of an orbital mystic.
much has passed
on this dying sandstone:
natives in labor,
cascades of them,
birthing a commotion of tribes
while condors swing
over antelopes
and pug-faced bears.

it’s as if you had snoozed
while chanting, and woke
to find the Earth lost--
hidden under burns every night,
a valley of steady fire,
and prisoners in the flames.



  1. Superior way with words!
    Love 'grip of the electric' 'hidden under burns' 'prisoners in the flames'
    Makes one wonder who had the better life?


  2. Thank you for your generous perusal of this poem. Much appreciated. I have a long-standing fascination with the question you pose, and wish I could experience the other side.