Monday, June 7, 2021

Poem: A Moment of Rest


A Moment of Rest


seconds dissolve

into universes dying.

we wear them in our thoughts like rain.


so many births

that struggle not to tire,

restless and relentless,

narcotic and aphrodisiac;


and yet completion evolves to resist

even as it tastes.


such explosions!  they seem inevitable,

passions gone, just like that,

obliterated on the canvas of the heart.


mind, all minds together,

configure the globe,

this harmony of similar originals,


this message: 


we cannot grip

the beckoning hand of god. 

awe is not faithful that way.


hearthstone, signpost, deathbed,

love awaits in all those places.

who will see?


some.  sometimes.

nothing less.  nor more.


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