Monday, April 16, 2012

Release: "Weekday Tunnel" at

The above poem just went up at the incisive, conformity-cracking journal, Here is my review of and also a link to my work:

Owl on amph

Weekday Tunnel

Most of the poems I get accepted these days seem to be dark, which is fine with me, they are often the most honest. Unfortunately there aren't that many good dark-poetry journals, ones with Editors like Shannon Peil at amph.

I live in a country where half the people don't believe that global warming is human caused.

A recent article in the Washington Post pointed out that only 43% of the Tea Party believes in evolution:

In other words, I'm surrounded by ignorance. This is an ignorance that used to be spoiled and pampered, because the US Empire was awash in privilege and wealth. Now it is bitter petty ignorance, which attempts to lash out because the Empire is collapsing, due to overwhelming greed and general dysfunction.

So, yes, I write dark. I'm in a phase where I am sick of human power-lust and human lust in general, because it is all so selfish and stupid.

"Weekday Tunnel" is in that vein.


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