Saturday, April 14, 2012

Release (Finally!): Moulin Review, Issue 3

In February 2011, my poem “mud” was accepted by Moulin Review for their "next" issue, that is, Issue Three; and now, after some unknown yet fantastical turbulence, the issue is finally up! You can find it here:

Moulin Review Issue 3

There is a final hurdle you must pass before gaining ingress to the incredibly good poems and artwork inside. Be sure to click on FULL SCREEN at the bottom of the Scribd template that perimeters the journal like a stubborn sentient fence. Only then can you scroll through the contents without sticking a humungous magnifying glass in front of your face, turning yourself, to anyone watching you, into a cyclops.

Once you’re in, Enjoy! Some of the best poets in America are there, like J.P. Dancing Bear. Moulin Review is run by the student writer’s club at Brookhaven College, and they are already advocating exuberantly for submissions to the next issue. I encourage you to submit, if you don’t mind a rather considerable wait between the happy day of acceptance and a much-later date of somewhat tarnished happiness, when the issue wanders over the finish line.

Bittersweetly Yours,


PS: Although “Mud” is a wonderful poem, right across from it is “The Language of Spectral Ships” by Jeffrey C. Alfier, giving me pretty stiff competition.

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