Friday, April 20, 2012

Acceptance: Bolts of Silk

Juliet Wilson, editor of Bolts of Silk, recently accepted my poem "Red Squirrel" for her well-known journal. It's a lively kinda sassy piece, a tribute to the acrobatic rodents behind my house, mischievous critters adept at interrupting my thoughts with their strident fuss. And yet, somehow, they are lovable all the same. Most of the time...

Wilson is an amazing person who I've said many good things about before. This time I will add that Bolts of Silk is listed at Poet Hound, a cool blog in the literary world, as a key 'place to visit'. Go to and read along the right side of the screen.

I will also add that Wilson has a very rare trait: being fantastically intelligent while, at the same time, somehow managing to like people in general. Go figure.

I am lethargic and mentally drained today, and now I am going to wander off and attempt to deal with reality, which means bleeding an oil furnace.


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