Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A "Truly Fabulous" Poet?


Interviewer Renee Beauregard Lute recently described me as a “truly fabulous” poet. The interview was with Lissa Kiernan, who created and orchestrates the website

Read the delicious details here:

Lissa Kiernan's Poetry Coop Interview

Every month the Poetry Coop offers a new workshop by a talented “teaching artist.” Many of the workshops are free, which is an amazing gift, given the quality. For instance, this month the Editor of the well-known journal Arsenic Lobster, Susan Yount, a tremendous poet in her own right, is leading a workshop on Federico Garcia Lorca’s goblinesque concept of duende. Too late to sign up for this one, it is maxed out.

But there is a new workshop every month. In fact, by some wild twist of lucky fate, yours truly is leading a workshop in September. To find out more, read the above interview, or just visit the coop. It’s new, friendly, soul-shaking and effacacious--and it’s taking the poetry world by storm!

You can join without taking a workshop, so why not?

As an enticement, here is a little Coop trivia. Another name for the site is the Rooster Moans. Why does it have this intriguing sobriquet? Visit to find out ...


PS: Also named “truly fabulous” by the interviewer were poets Maureen Alsop and Alexandra van de Kamp. I am in exceedingly good company!

PSS: Teaching Artists at the Poetry Coop are as follows (wowful bios are available at the site):

Alexandra van de Kamp

Amy King

Brenda Mann Hammack

Joshua Davis

Karrie Waarala

Lissa Kiernan

Maureen Alsop

Owl Who Laughs

Sara Tracey

Steven Teref

Susan Yount

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