Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Dare To Breathe Under

I was skyrocketed out of a writing funk by an email from Editor Shannon Peil, who accepted my poem “Weekday Tunnel” for his original and absorbing journal. Its intriguing name is and, yes, that is also the web address.

Peil publishes a good dose of authentically dark poetry (as opposed to Grade B simp), which is important during these dangerous times, as the US Empire flounders in dysfunction. I don’t mean to label as a political journal, because it is not. It escapes categories, slipping back and forth between private and public sub/conscious zones. In this sense, it swims blurry blended realms.

amph, as Peil calls it, is adroitly amphibious.

Really good journals that dare to ‘do the dark‘ are hard to find, and amph is one of them, up there with journals like and Gloom Cupboard.

The format is blog, so my poem will appear as the entry for a certain day, coming soon. Another thing I like about amph: no bios, no medals, just the raw bones of the poems, which do a good job fleshing themselves.

Go check out this deadly good site; but make sure you are ready to scuba dive the underworlds below the big yellow happy face.


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