Thursday, April 26, 2012

Release: "Out of Place" Featured in Barnwood

"Out of Place" has found a happy place! Tom Koontz, editor extraordinaire at Barnwood International Poetry Magazine, just put the poem up on site. Go check it out, and see a picture of me dressed as a rampaging pirate!

Out of Place at Barnwood Magazine

For all my poems at Barnwood over the years, go here:

Index of Barnwood Poets

Koontz is a legendary presence in the poetry world, he's been around since the 70's, at least. Here is my review:

Barnwood Magazine Review

I donated my $25 payment back to him. Last time I did this, he sent me Poet's Bookshelf I and II as a gift. These books provide a fascinating view into the minds of many great poets, asking each and every one of them to discuss their favorite and most inspiring literature.

Poets Bookshelf: Contemporary Poets On Books That Shaped Their Art, edited by Peter Davis, Barnwood Press

Poets Bookshelf II: Contemporary Poets On Books That Shaped Their Art, edited by Peter Davis and Tom Koontz, Barnwood Press

For example, from Poets Bookshelf I, here is part of the entry by Adrienne Rich, one of the greatest poets of our age, who died just last month ( Rage is Good ):


[Books that inspire Adrienne Rich and excerpts from her Commentary]

James Baldwin, The Price of the Ticket: Collected Non-Fiction 1948 - 1985
Muriel Rukeyser, The Life of Poetry
Howard Zinn, A People's History of the United States
Ben Shahn, The Shape of Content
June Jordan, Some of Us Did Not Die

None of these is a book of poetry. A poet should read a great deal outside of poetry. All these books are by people who have struggled to think about the world as they knew it. ...

A People's History of the United States: Not to know this history is to be unmoored as a poet and a citizen ...

In Some of Us Did Not Die, distinguished poet, teacher and activist, Jordan gathered her remarkable essays on things happening in her neighborhood and in the world.

Rage On,



  1. i enjoyed seeing your photo and i agree
    with the poem. thanks for pointing me
    in the direction of barnyard and your poems.

  2. I'm a big fan of Koontz. I've read a great many of his books.