Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thirteen Rejections for Halloween

I don’t usually post my rejections. I get a lot of them all the time, and it isn’t fun to wallow in the NO. However, there was an intriguing synchronicity in getting thirteen “take a hike”’s in October. It seemed somehow an appropriate preface to the fearsome fun of Halloween.

Some of the rejections are actually kind and even good for my morale. Yes, it’s true. If I struggle hard, do my research, and treat the editors with the respect they deserve, sometimes they take the extra time to send a personal word or two my way.

I like a lot of these rejections!

So, without further delay, here are my Thirteen Rejections of Halloween. I actually feel a little giddy reading over them.



PS: These are all wonderful journals. Submit!


First rejection, Poemeleon

Thank for you allowing us to read your poems. Unfortunately they were not selected for inclusion in this issue, but we wish you the best in placing the work elsewhere.

Cati Porter, editor

Second rejection, Hobo Camp Review


Thank you very much for allowing me to read your work. While I am going to pass on this bindle this go 'round, please know that this is no reflection on your talent, and I hope it does not discourage you from submitting again for future issues.

Take care, and thanks again!

James H Duncan


Third rejection, Emprise Review

Dear [OWL],

Thank you for sending us "Five Poem Submission." We appreciate the opportunity to read your work, but unfortunately the piece is not what we are looking for at this time. I did, however, like "Truman."


The Editors
Emprise Review


Fourth rejection, Eclectica

Thank you so much for your continued support of Eclectica. I am always happy to read your work. I enjoyed all of the poems that you sent, "On the Couch," in particular. Thank you so much for your kind words about the summer issue.

All best wishes,

Jennifer Finstrom
Poetry Editor, Eclectica Magazine

Fifth rejection, Sixers Review


We appreciate your submission and want you to know it made it to the final rounds but unfortunately we will not be including your submission in the next issue.

We would like you to resubmit in the near future and wish you the best in finding a home for these particular poems elsewhere.

Very Best,

Sixth Rejection, Pedestal Magazine

Hi [OWL],

Thanks for your fine submission to Pedestal Magazine. While the editors enjoyed reading your work, it was not ultimately selected for inclusion in the upcoming October issue. Of course, please do submit again. We're always open to receiving work from you.


Brenda Miller

Seventh Rejection, Kenyon Review

Thank you for submitting your poetry. We regret that we are unable to use "Five Poems."

Your work has received careful consideration, which sometimes means a response less prompt than we would wish. Unfortunately, the large number of submissions prevents us from commenting on many worthy manuscripts.

[Personal note: We enjoyed the rich palette, esp. in "Crow in a Gale." But there were too many abstract/vague turns that detracted from the overall gesture, poem by poem. Good luck, and keep writing, KT]

We do appreciate your interest in The Kenyon Review.

The Editors


Eighth Rejection, The Minnesota Review

Dear [Owl Who Laughs]:

Thank you for sending "five poem submission" to the minnesota review.
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept your submission for the upcoming


Ninth Rejection, Cider Press Review

"Ominous" came close; may we suggest you consider giving it a more specific title?


Tenth Rejection, LA Review

Dear [OWL],

Thank you for submitting to The Los Angeles Review. While we have read your work with interest, it does not meet our editorial needs at this time. We appreciate your efforts, and wish you all the best in placing this work elsewhere.


Eleventh Rejection, No Tell Motel


Thank you for submitting your poems to No Tell Motel. We're honored
you considered us as an outlet for your work. However, we are unable
to use them.

Discreetly Yours,

Reb Livingston & Molly Arden


Twelfth Rejection, Off the Coast

Dear [OWL],

We regret to inform you that your poems have not been selected for inclusion in the fall issue of Off the Coast. Be assured that although over 500 poems were submitted, your poems have been read by at least three members of our editorial board.

Valerie Lawson and Michael Brown,

Editors and Publishers


Thirteenth Rejection, Iron Horse Lit Review

Dear [Owl Who Laughs]:

Thank you for submitting your work entitled Five Poem Submission to Iron Horse Literary Review. We appreciate the time and talent that goes into every submission we receive.

Unfortunately, we can only accept a small percentage, and this particular submission does not meet our current needs. The lack of capitalization is distracting, especially since the poems have mostly standard punctuation.

Thank you again for considering our journal, and we wish you success placing this submission elsewhere.

The Editors
Iron Horse Literary Review


Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

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  1. haha. "lack of capitalization is distracting". too funny.

    glad it didn't inhibit ee cummings from becoming one of the best known of the "lower-case club".