Monday, October 4, 2010

Release: Forge 4.2

Forge just released issue 4.2, and it is well worth checking out:

The poetry is wonderful. I'm honored that my poem "Spider" is included.

As an added bonus, the cover art by Robin Ator (who works professionally animating characters for TV commercials) is quite erotic. Well, I think so anyway. It's not often you get to see eight naked women and a rooster.

Anyway, an excellent job by Chief Editor Leif Milliken and staff.

A great big HOOT of approval!



  1. i need to check it out!

  2. Best bardic wishes and congrats on your Forge acceptance. Keep on doooooooing!

  3. SW,

    I hope you enjoyed the drawing of the rooster. Do you think I have something to crow about? :)

    Poet In Residence,

    I'm a cockadoodle doooooooingggggg.!