Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm a "Great Regular"!

Rus Bowden is running the most amazing show in poetryland, a razzle-dazzle of the latest greatest news on swarms of wonderful poets:

I happen to be included in the latest swarm. You’ll have to scroll down to the list of “Great Regulars” to find the blurb on me (my publication in CounterPunch). Or try this link:

I could see myself as a “regular,” since I’ve published over 500 poems. It has been a continuous road of toil over many years, including thousands of rejections, plus editing my vast trove of hopefuls (a new draft gets added almost every day).

What’s pleasing and special is that someone has decided to call me a “Great” regular. I appreciate that. Maybe with all the heartwork I’ve put in, a few gems have emerged among all the crap and coal.

Thank you, Webmaster Bowden! Not just for giving my morale a very needed zing, but for your hard work producing a weekly info blog that has more connections to interesting poetry sites than I’ve ever seen on a single page.

And believe me, I’ve wandered many a literary garden.



  1. Hey! I get to say I know a "great" regular :) Well you certainly are one of the greatest regulars I've ever known and with 500 published poems to your credit it's only a matter of time before you open every door you desire. I am in awe of your persistence and prolific talents. I just thought of you because I sent a submission to a journal through snail mail, which is abouth the 3rd or 4th snail mail submission I've ever sent and I think of what an effort it takes to keep the flow going. I think I would submit more readily if I felt that I had enough quality poems to send to worthy journals. I write a decent poem once every year and at that rate it might take my whole life before a book evolves. Ha ha. Anyway Chris, glad to see you've discovered Rus Bowden's goldmine. He's been with IBPC for as long as I can remember and has his hand on the pulse of the contemporary poetry world. Lois

  2. Lois,

    Aren’ you wonderful! I feel far less significant than your praise. To turn it around for a moment, didn’t you recently win Poem of the Year from a certain very respectable venue? :)

    I certainly have persistence, I don’t know about the rest. There are many amazing poets out there, and the most worthy of all seem to be the rare few like you, who not only craft beautiful works but also give their time to others.

    Besides, I’d die to have some of your publications!