Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Chapbooks Go On Sale Online at Northern Tides!

In Lubec, my tiny coastal hometown, we have a wonderful art gallery called Northern Tides, run by Deb and Jerry Kasunic. I was very pleased that they recently asked me if they could distribute my books through their website:

To go directly to my bio, photo and poetry, you can go to the link at the very top of this post; but I recommend spending some time on the website, taking in the pictures of our town, and learning a bit about its history. You’ll find that Northern Tides is a critical nexus in Lubec’s burgeoning arts community.

Deb and Jerry deserve a big cheer for taking leadership roles in promoting the arts. They’ve been in business since 2007 and in that time, I’ve seen the local esprit grow tremendously.

Keep in mind, Lubec is not an enclave of wealth. We are situated in one of the poorest counties in the entire United States. Last year, our high school was shut down, one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen around here.

If you buy one of my chapbooks through the website, it will do a great deal to advance my poetry. Why? Because only three of my chapbooks are currently for sale at Northern Tides, but any purchase will result in all six of my current chapbooks being put on web display. You can make this Owl do a back flip of delight!

So please consider supporting me and also Lubec’s cadre of creative thinkers. I work many hours each day to perfect my word spells. Behind my toil is an obsessive quest to heal the Earth by stimulating an enduring and salubrious empathy.

Thank again to Deb and Jerry.

And a big thank you to anyone who reads this.



  1. Hi Chris!

    I'll circulate this around.... Congratulations on this. Your fan.