Monday, October 18, 2010

Poem: Manic

This poem was originally published in MiPoesias, a wonderful journal that was run, at the time, by Didi Menendez (who is one of the great movers and doers in the poetry world).

This might be the best representation of my crazed tempestuous side.

Thank you for reading!




egg-laden heart,
each pump breaks a shell,
my body raucous
with the vim of fledglings--
i can’t fathom or organize
their bleats; they puke out phrases
crude and scattershot;
they frenchkiss like amoebas,
copulating, birthing a slurry
of prattle, churning
in gabby veins.

nothing can slake
the fluid jabberwocky;
my brain twitches
like a crushed sitar’s strings--
the allegro headlong, tinnier,
rising to aggravate;
does anyone see the bedlam
in my jugular?
are my pupils spasming
like vibrios?

my headache can’t fatten
quick enough, like a petri dish
hellbent to balloon--
zillions of tadpoles, chicks and midges
paint an image of god
i don’t want to see--
someone rip it out,
this frantic canvas of dots
before it uncouples my mind.

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