Monday, May 31, 2021

Poem: Stone Tell


Stone Tell


orion looked at me,

size of a pinprick,

from a quiet stone i had scolded with weeping,

cheekbone wet on mica flecks.


it was orion, all right,

chasing the pleiades

over millions of metamorphic years,

much as in astronomic night--


and yet flashy like adonis,

and not to ravish, not at all,

merely to scamper,

happy as sun-glossed quartz.


he danced with the sisters,

leapfrogging to twinkle

as i turned my wrist,

such lambent angles,


what a treasure!

to walk the beach

and find this constellation,

absolved by waves, this wisdom,


however violent or jealous,

however monstrous,

now peaceful and beautiful,

nothing more, disaffiliated,

only glitter and truth.


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