Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Natalie Angier Workshop Starts Tomorrow!!!

I am busy as sin, but a lot of it is good. Tomorrow, my workshop on Natalie Angier's book, The Canon, begins, hosted by the incredibly cool online community Rooster Moans, which is affiliated with the equally cool and very well known literary journal, Arsenic Lobster.

I have a great group of people to work with, including professors, editors, a radio show host, and serious seekers who are wonderful poetry-jazzed souls.

Below is the Official Welcome to the Workshop. It's the first document the new participants will see. Of course, everyone enrolled has already seen the electronic flyer, which explains the nature of the workshop. You can check it out here:

Although I won't be giving a blow-by-blow here, I am sure the workshop will be unforgettable in some ways (hopefully good), and I'm looking forward to the wild ride we're about to share.

An Excited OWL

Workshop Welcome!

Greetings and a hearty welcome to our workshop! I’m jazzed up for this, and I’m here to cajole or nettle, soothe or incite, hopefully with great sensitivity to how busy you are, and what you desire from this workshop and me.

In accordance, there isn’t much in terms of requirements. One poem a week from you is the basic format. Past Rooster Moans shindigs have involved group interaction--commenting on each others' poems in friendly yet constructive ways (a few compliments sandwiching the rest makes for more palatable reflection). However, this is a high-powered group (yes, I mean you!) and I have a feeling everyone is busy with multiple summer projects and hopefully having some fun too. I guess my one major rule is:

You are not required to do more than you have time for, or desire.

I don’t want anyone feeling bad because they can’t do critiques. It even might be a good idea to limit your critiques. If you wish, please do comment on others’ poems to your heart’s content. Meet new people, build bonds, and of course remember and heed that wonderful bumper sticker, “Mean People Suck.”

On the other hand, if you’ve allotted only enough time to offer something, that is absolutely fine. Heck, that’s life. I’m sure some of you will not be able to finish the whole four weeks. Much as I enthuse on full participation, I accept the reality of vicissitude and circumstance. We all give a nod to the clock. (for me, that “nod” is often a nap)

So, Welcome Again!

For this week, there are a few separate documents:

(A) An introduction forum, so we can learn a little about each other

(B) A general overview of the entire workshop

(C) The theme for this week

(D) The prompt for your poem, based on the theme.

Write something on the Intro, post a poem under the Prompt, comment on others’ poems (if you have time), send each other fun private messages, and ENJOY!

[Owl Who Laughs]

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