Monday, October 22, 2012

Poem: Old Woman Explains

This poem has appeared in two magazines: Heavy Bear, run by Jane Crown (of Jane Crown's Poetry Radio fame) and also Vox Humana, which I think has gone away.

Best To All.


PS: Oh, a book of my poems is coming out this weekend, published by Stonesthrow Poetry, an imprint of Lazarus Press. The title is Jugularity. More on this later... much more.

PPS: The last stanza of the poem below, that's how I feel.


Old Woman Explains

once old,
we’ve been back
to childhood often. have shared
the same long-gone glass
too much
with the same deceased lover.

we’ve stared weak-jawed
as a whale breached,
or perhaps the twine
of mating eagles, their talons
a spiral clasped.

we’ve suffered shivers
that seduced like earthquakes,
left us with phantoms
and divine hints
of a sweet insane.

younger now than
we were, flesh
soon to fail at last,
we see time
bend around us
fast as a cooper of light,
barreling our dreams.



  1. for every owl who laughs,
    there's always
    an owl, somewhere
    kicking someone's ass.