Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Book, Jugularity, Releases!

Everyone will be glad to know that this is my last post about my new book ... for a while, anyway.

I'm also going to pretend that you'll be glad to hear you can purchase it for only $5.55 at Amazon, by following this link:


Even if you don't have a Kindle and don't want one (like me), you can download, or should I say inject, the intense dark poems into your machine.

All four blurbs, all glowing enough to make me blush, are available by clicking on the cover at Amazon. I have also posted two of them on this blog (see my previous entries) and below are the last two.

Thank you for reading and do consider supporting this humble (ha ha) and introrsed artist. With only $5 you can hold my vulnerable soul (jugularity = vulnerability), and also help my fickle morale attain unusual heights.

Fly Well In the Dark,



More blurbs for Jugularity (see also my last two entries)

Nuclear kicks, numb girls, faux feng shui, airbrushed pandemonium—who can decipher this Rosetta of dull hells? Enter Chris Crittenden. In hot lurches and hip-grinds, he sings his swollen song in a sort of sidewinder Sanskrit, each word conscientiously curated: bracing, clear-eyed, taut, and brave.

—Lissa Kiernan, Director, The Rooster Moans Poetry Cooperative

Not since I first fell in awe before the dreamily figurative works of late poet Tom Reninger have I read another who shifts me so readily into the realms of mystical naturalism and symbolic imagery — until I met poet Chris Crittenden. Jugularity is a whirligig journey of “rabbit blitz,” abounding with tempestuous “monsoons of word.” Within these poems I am cut by the edges of “onyx rage,” then cradled by “breeze-nuzzled branches”; I emerge from these wordstorms bearing more than a few shards embedded in my mind, and admire their conjurer.
~ Eve Anthony Hanninen, poet, illustrator, and editor of The Centrifugal Eye


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