Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Blurb for My New Book

Here is another blurb for my new book of poems, Jugularity, coming out soon from Stonesthrow, an imprint of Lazarus Press. I worked on the contents for years.

I know of no contemporary poet of such power and control who captures the 21st Century’s dark side as has Chris Crittenden. In taut, visceral poems with sublime diction and sonics, Jugularity embodies the Zeitgeist of our era of the “ersatz day.” He reveals the soul of man suffering, its “punch of treachery,” complete with the “rages of children/who were stabbed or burned.” Like scrimshaw etched in onyx, Chris’s poems lead us on a descent into the Inferno “where no one can say/ who the winner is.” Chris is courageous and unflinching and demands we be the same. His book will make us wiser, more prepared to survive.

~Karla Linn Merrifield, author of The Urn and The Ice Decides: Poems of Antarctica (Finishing Line Press)

Best To All, and Fly Well in the Night,


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