Saturday, October 13, 2012

Poem: Angel In Goodwill

Here is one of my poems in the latest issue of Wilderness House Lit Review (7.3).




Angel In Goodwill

her mascara blots in aisles of clothes.
she sees the people that wore them
before they were young
and after they are dead.

cotton sewn by numb girls in grey bunkers.
leather as creased as widows,
though it once grazed Eden
near guavas rain-fed and lush.

there are teeth marks from idiot dogs,
and scuffs from rough forbidden sex.
innocence shines in a baby’s bonnet
though the lace reeks of forced labor.

were they naïve and blameless
as they draped sins over their shoulders
and walked in veils for years,
slowly folding away?


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