Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Poetry Book Coming Out Soon

Here is one of the blurbs for my collection Jugularity, soon to be released by Stonesthrow Poetry, an imprint of Lazarus Press. I hope it entices you:

Sometimes when I review a great book, my instinct is to judiciously quote the particularly delicious lines. But I am not going to do that with Jugularity because there are too many and it would take too long - many of my synapses are still popping. Readers will just have to trust me when I say that this collection of poetry features some of the most powerful image-evoking metaphors I have ever seen... This one, for instance: "His eyes stung / from an anthill of tomorrows." See what I mean? Jugularity is absolutely gorgeous and a poetry lover's dream.

~ Robin Stratton, On Air and Of Zen and Men

Consider a purchase. Only $7.77 at Amazon.

More blurbs soon...

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