Friday, December 10, 2010

Release: Bare Root Review, issue 11

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Bare Root Review is the literary journal of Southwest Minnesota State University and the cutting edge (“fall twenty-ten issue eleven”) is really well done, including an eye-catching ambience.

For every contributor, you get a visual of the writer; well-chosen background images; an energetic, rugged font; and best of all a sense of theme that blends it all together.

The photographer is Danielle McClain, whose fantastic pictures were incorporated nicely.

I would describe issue eleven's theme as industrial apocalypse returning to nature. A decay of doomsday yielding to a reinvigorated Eden.

All the humans are gone, but hey, we probably deserved it!

You won’t find many journals that succeed so well in making a statement through their decor as well as the quality of their literary offerings.

It must have been a lot of work putting it all together, especially for busy students, and so editors Dannica Dufur and Erin Kyle deserve high praise.

I’m absolutely thrilled that my poem “Confession” is among the offerings. Click on the link above and enjoy!


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  1. Chris,
    Loved, "Confession!" brought back memories of sneaking into a local apple orchard in the hills of western Mass. and eating those green apples with a dash of salt.
    Nice writing. I admire your conciseness.
    See you at flatiron.