Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Release: The Toucan Winter 2010

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Cover Art For The Issue

Owl Who Laughs In The Latest Issue

The Toucan has released its Winter 2010 issue and it is a scrumptious extravaganza, including beak-dropping cover art and a fantastic list of authors. Debuting in this show is a handy table of contents that provides one-click access to the poems and stories. The Toucan has become ergonomically blessed! It’s an intoxicating production, even more than a strawberry mai tai, complete with one of those classic monologues by Editor Liz, who plays the harried neurotic well, alternating between vivacious, quirky, scintillating or irascible swoops.

This issue presents the most compelling evidence yet that Editrices Liz and Laura are up-and-coming, perhaps destined to take the literary world by tropical storm. The contributors include some of the best poets on the online circuit, including Hugh Fox, Richard Donnelly, Howie Good and Kristine Ong Muslim. The Toucan has been discovered as a serious force!

Not only that, it has rocketed past Owl Who Laughs in its number of dedicated followers.

*envious green grinch frown*

It seems my nature to be controversial, and so I’ll throw out my latest conjecture: the team of Liz and Laura is actually just Liz going solo. Laura is a prop, a fancy, a will-o’-wisp, a Janus head, or what have you, created by Liz for purposes unknown, perhaps to shoulder any and all blame for potential snafus.

Why do I say this? All my interactions with the editrices have been solely with Liz. All posts on The Toucan seem to originate from Liz. Laura’s facebook entry is short and sounds similar to Liz. Laura doesn't seem to do anything except make Liz work hard.

Suspicious! And good gossip material, for sure!

Maybe it is Laura who is real and Liz who is the chimera, the bogey, the crutch. Who can say, who knows, hi-dee-ho, and maybe it is even possible that I am hooting out my hindfeathers.

In any case it is free and fun publicity for The Toucan, a magazine that deserves to be noticed.

Check out the latest greatest amazing issue today! And ask Liz what mystery lurks behind the editors' doors. You can't ask Laura because, well, she doesn't exist.

OWL out.




In response to my blog post, I have now received an email from Laura which as far as I'm concerned eliminates any doubt that she exists as a unique person in her own body, as separate from Liz in a physical sense as any of us. Not only that she seems as competent and capable as her cohort, though with her own personality of course.

Carry on, intrepid Toucanistas!


  1. Having delved I think it would be useful if the poems were indicated - a letter P would be enough. Liz?