Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Special Gift From The Aurorean!

I had a wonderful surprise in the mail recently, a Yuletide greeting card from The Aurorean, one of Maine’s most popular and energetic poetry magazines. From the specially printed envelope to the small 2011 Aurorean calendar inside, everything was stylish and artistic. It was a true treat, even more so because my last communication with this fine magazine was in 2006.

That’s right. Not only is Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, the force behind The Aurorean, the only editor to ever send me a Yule card, she did so four years after my last publication with her! This demonstrates what I have long know: Brackett-Vincent is a literary leader with a magnanimous and kind heart, who has been hard at work showcasing good poetry since 1995.

Another project of hers, focused on experimental and dark-edged work, is a sister magazine called The Unrorean. How she finds time to run both these stellar outlets is an absolute mystery, one that attests to her diligence and consummate organization.

Years ago, when I reluctantly switched from postal to email submissions, saving much needed time and money, one of my most painful choices was to stop submitting to The Aurorean. Brackett-Vincent helped me develop courage as a poet, and provided a venue where I could be proud to see my best pieces on display.

About the time I was in contact, she moved from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Farmington, Maine. I was happy to supply her with nature poems about her new home state.

According to my records, the following were published in The Aurorean:

“Eagle Hand” (2004)
“Field’s First Snow” (2004)
“West Quoddy Cliffs” (2005)
“Moonlight On Lake” (2006)

In future blog posts, I will republish some of these poems as part of a tribute to The Aurorean. It is now one of Maine’s most central journals, and has fostered a great sense of community. All of us Mainers, and poets in general, owe a great debt of thanks to Editor Brackett-Vincent.

She has been tirelessly giving to us, a virtue verified and cemented by over fifteen years of dedication.

Thank you, Cynthia. You’re truly one of the most wonderful people on the literary scene.

A Great New Year To You!


PS: For more on The Aurorean and its sister site The Unrorean:

(Note: The Unrorean, but not The Aurorean, now accepts email submissions!)

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