Friday, August 29, 2014

Acceptance: The Wolf Skin

So pleased to be associated with this shamanic place steeped in primordial energies.  They took two poems, one that ignores society, and one critical of society from the vantage of nature ("Topped Off," "Clover In Sidewalk").  Much thanks to Poetry Editor Tessa Torgeson!

More than any other set of profound ideas, I admire those associated with the pre-european Native American tribes.  It is painful for me to see our society attempt to destroy this mindset.  Guns can't kill ideas but industrialization combined with competitive consumerism can relegate them to dark forgotten corners, much like fossils.

Here's part of the "About" page from The Wolf Skin:

In Shoshone mythology specifically, the wolf paradoxically represents both death and rebirth. According to legend, the trickster Coyote and Wolf had an argument about whether or not humans should live after death. Wolf insisted that he could bring a person back from the dead by shooting an arrow under him. Coyote said that men should remain dead. A few days later, he returned to Wolf because his son had been bitten by a rattlesnake and was dying. Wolf reminded Coyote of his words and refused to raise anyone else from the dead. The Shoshone claim this is how death entered the world, and that Coyote was punished for his devious ways by having his son be the first to die.

Anyway, my posts here are terse as I struggle with humanity's continued disfigurement of the planet, and the approach of robotic, cyborg, anti-animal--indeed, anti-human--ways of technological self-evolution.  On top of that my own psychological issues are flaring up.  I can sum it all up with an allegory of having to sit near a wall, knowing that it must be passed to bring health and avoid great misery.  The wall is guarded and yet the guards are in denial.  They are strong and there is no way to get them to open the one door in the wall.  They talk pleasantly and shallowly to you, as if you are insane.  "What wall?" they say with a condescending smile.

They are impervious to every attempt of logic or emotion.  And you are forced to deal with them over and over.  Should you discuss the things they want to discuss?  Or continue to try to change them?  This is what I deal with in my life, and I'm exhausted.


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