Monday, August 4, 2014

Acceptance: Bitterzoet


UPDATE:  there is another jazzy cool perceptive editor at Bitterzoet, Pattie Flint.  So, Wes Solether is not undertaking the great project of this wondrous zine all alone. 


I have a number of poetry acceptances I haven’t blogged about yet, because I have been busy taking up my novel once again.  During June and early July, I was teaching a summer course, which prevented me from working on the novel, and yet, as a result, opened up time for poetry.  I can do poetry and teach, but the novel and teaching are more tricky, especially with intensive summer courses.  Why the ease of writing poetry compared to the novel?  The watered-down answer is that the novel requires more areas of my brain, including those that have to do with memory and organization.

Anyway, my poetry flourished for a while, but now the novel is taking over again, and I don’t even have time to blog, it feels, about poetry acceptances.  I am quite out of sorts about this, because the editors of these journals deserve recognition  One of my acceptances recently was from Bitterzoet, a cool, jazzy perceptive journal, run by an editor with exceptional social flair.  His name is Wes Solether.  I loved the comfortable easy feel of the acceptance letter, which I will share here.  It’s one of my favortie acceptance letters ever.  Most of these letters, in fact, are a pretty dry and dull affair--but not those of Editor Solether!  So:


Dear [Owl Who Laughs],

Thank you for sending us your work. It was delicious, and we'd love to publish "A Reckoning" and "Med Under a Tree" in our monthly webzine! Feel free to dance or yell. (We won't tell anyone.) You deserve a pat on the back, you amazing writer, you.

We'll contact you later with more details and formatting questions. For now, tell someone you love them and listen to this: Thanks again!

Oh and one last thing: if you've got a Duotrope account, please submit a submission report for us here: We want your success story to encourage others!

Follow us on Facebook and twitter too:

Thanks again.
Wes Solether
Bitterzoet Magazine


I just realized I never wrote him back to acknowledge the acceptance!  I better go do that.  Thanks for reading, and I will announce some other acceptances fairly soon.

And Dear Wes Solether, please keep being you and sending out the vibes.  Here's a favorite of mine:

Best To Everyone in the All that is This,


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