Saturday, August 16, 2014

Acceptance: Dressing Room Poetry Journal

Editor Meg Johnson has just released the latest issue (#9) of Dressing Room Poetry Journal.  I’m emphatically thrilled that my painful poem, “Guinevere Finally Leaves” is included.   

Johnson is amazingly busy, having just received a four-course-per-semester appointment at Iowa State University.  She is also moving soon.  And her recent book, Inappropriate Sleepover, is drawing good reviews.  Furthermore, she is doing various readings--AND, of course, running her own zine!

To read more about her clock-crunched life, you can visit her blog:

In a very positive review of Inappropriate Sleepover, Hannah Stephenson writes:

In her debut collection of poems, Meg Johnson’s specialty is exposing the absurdity, humor and disturbing messaging in what we deem “sexy.” “Inappropriate Sleepover” is irrefutably funny — Johnson has a gift for timing and unexpected punchlines. But more significant, to me, is her bold examination of gender performance and objectification. These poems are littered with cast-off items of clothing and classic icons of femininity: Marilyn Monroe, Lolita, Betty Boop. If this book were sexy sweatpants (like those that appear in the book’s first poem), the back would be emblazoned with the word “subversive.”

I hope you get a chance to meander through Issue 9.  It includes some well-known poets like Kenneth Pobo, and also prodigy-level work by lesser known folks, including some new editors of new journals.  There are also two interviews:  one with Blake Lee Pate & Taylor Jacob Pate; and the other with Kristina Marie Darling, conducted by Genevieve Jencson.

I’m tremendously grateful to be included in DPJ.  Even more so since the poem selected brings solace concerning my distant past.
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PS:  direct link to "Guinevere Finally Leaves":

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