Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Acceptance: Halfway Down the Stairs

Editor Joseph Murphy informed me that “Desert Weeds” will be appearing in the next issue of Halfway Down the Stairs.  I’m overjoyed to become part of this beautiful journal’s repertoire.  Sharing the task of poetry editing with Joe is Roxanna Bennett.  On the masthead page, both editors present an aura of openness and healing creative energy--and this could be said of the journal in general.  The current edition, June 2014, is titled possession, and I highly recommend a perusal.

I wish I had more time to ladle praise.  Thank you so much to Editors Murphy and Bennett.  Moments of acceptance in fine journals are so very important to poets, well, at least they are to me.  My morale is a bike tire with a little hole in it, and it likes a good amount of pumping!

Best to All,


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