Monday, July 7, 2014

Release: Almost 5Q

VISIT ALMOST 5Q (scroll down to Summer #68, if you're reading this belatedly)

My poem "Irises In a Portrait" launched solo on July 4th on Almost 5Q's website! What an honor, making it an extra-cool Independence Day for me. What is Almost 5Q? Why such an idiosyncratic name? It's a cool story, one I explain here:

Owl's Review of Almost 5Q

The short version is that there is a journal named Five Quarterly (or 5Q) that only publishes five poems a quarter, selected by five editors; and yet often the runners up get published in Almost 5Q.

Folks, I am thrilled to be a runner up! The poem, "Irises In a Portrait" is unique, too, channeled through me by a spirit I may never have contacted before. It's one of my most orginal and best poems. This is the height of my ability, "the highest point of all my greatness" as Shakespeare says (unfortunately, it continues: "and from that full meridian of my glory, I hast now to my setting").

I'd be honored if you checked it out!

A Jazzed Owl


  1. I checked it out. I'm also impressed by your new owl.

  2. Congratulations! I too like the new owl....