Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Acceptance: Literary Orphans (ISSUE14: BB King)


Editor-in-Chief Mike Joyce has marshalled the force of over 20 volunteers to produce this incredible issue of the very exciting and accelerating zine, Literary Orphans.  I say "accelerating" because LO broke attendance records on its 2nd anniversary issue and was featured in none other than Poets & Writers for its cool project, The Rookery.  The idea behind The Rookery is to preserve and protect the contents of zines that were great, even legendary, but now for whatever reason defunct.  Two recent recipients of this preservationist push are The Fiddleback and The Newport Review.

(Off the top of my head, I would like to see Bolts of Silk and Barnwood Review protected.)

Editor Joyce is full of jouissance!  In my brief interactions with him, I felt an electric charisma, a sparkling and infectious brilliance.  He is expert at mobilizing a large team of editors and organizers, and Literary Orphans has over 90 likes in Duotrope (the online Poets Market), and surely a great following on Facebook (alas, I have yet to take the plunge into that mega-social arena).

Three of my poems appear in ISSUE 14.  One of them is pure sex, and includes a ball-gag.  The other two are some of the most unusual twists on personal identity I have ever attempted.

Here's a direct link:

My Poems In Literary Orphans

Stop by and see why people are crowing and cantering about LO!

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