Thursday, July 3, 2014

Acceptance: IthacaLit Review

I was contacted by Michele Lesko at IthacaLit about my poem "Written," which will be appearing in a future issue. It was years ago that Ithaca Lit launched off, and I think I wrote a review about it. The journal was an exciting venture back then, and today it has only grown and thrived. The pages are absolutely beautiful, the content professional, the art and literature incessantly absorbing.

I'm extra-jazzed because "Written" is a poem I felt a special connection with from the first draft. I kept editing it, working it, changing the specifics while struggling to retain the essence. By the time I sent it to IthacaLit, maybe was perhaps worthy of publication in such an outstanding venue.

Of the thousands of poems I've written, I have only memorized two. "Written" might become the third. I really feel a bond with this poem, one solidified over many months, maybe over a year, of intimate immersion.

Thank you Editor Lesko, thank you IthacaLit! You shine!


PS: one of the poems I've memorized is this one, and here it is in audio format, read by Nic Sebastian (this is my favorite online presentation of one of my poems ever, because of Sebastian's incredible voice and talent):

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