Monday, July 14, 2014

In A Nutshell #1

In a Nutshell
(a new column, brought to you by Owl Who Laughs)

Title of the New York Times article on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (buried down the front page):

Israel Shoots Down Hamas Drone Sent From Gaza


Title of the Al Jazeera article on the same conflict (top of page, large font):

Israeli offensive enters 7th day amid protest, death and flight of Gazans

Nutshell:  The difference in the two titles, alone, tells you a lot.



  1. I wonder if you have seen the video "High ranking US Major General exposes 9/11 official version untrue" on Youtube.

  2. On the reservation in addition to the dead there are more than 1,000 indians wounded. I believe this is known as collateral damage.