Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Release: Melusine Spring/Summer 2013

VISIT MELUSINE 5.1 Spring/Summer 2013

Melusine has just released its tenth issue, Spring/Summer 2013. I’m very pleased and emotionally overwhelmed that my poem, one very close to my heart, was included: “The House,” which is about dark aspects of childhood.

“The House” occurs next to Pindar’s Medusa by Whitney Vaughan, a work of art that evokes tears from the soul. I'm so honored, especially because --

Melusine stunned me with its quality from the very first poem. I thought for a moment I was reading the “Best Poems of 2012” or some such anthology. I still remember this poem: "Equinox" by Leah Silvieus. My awed review is here, if you wish:

The Realm of Melusine

The editor is Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom, and she perseveres in excellence of editorship even though she recently gave birth to a baby girl. You can read her musings on how this complexifies, and also edifies and enlivens, her life, by reading the editorial section of the new issue.

Melusine embodies a very special and ensorceling nook of the poetosphere. The magazine is beautifully designed and the poems stay with you, change the way you feel and hear.

Consider visiting. Why not offer congratulations to Editor Kihlstrom for publishing issue ten!


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