Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poem: Edge of Safe

Recently published in Danse Macabre #69 (Pravda). To read it in situ, along with "Meccaless" and "Right Whale," teleport here:





Edge of Safe

water and rock
swallowed each other,
day in and out, until

the comber-foam
bared the white of rabid bread;
and the stones the weight
of jaded loaves.

it reminded her of a prophet,
ebbing abundant,
shredding what little there was
to feed a sea of roiling hands.

the same miracle, repeated.
the same two-headed feast.
from orange to blue to red
to dusk.

and at night the cerements:
many pilgrims in orgy,
thrusting to swirl,
thrashing to devour

and rage.


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