Friday, May 10, 2013

Release: Danse Macabre 69 (Pravda)

I have three poems in Danse Macabre #69 (Pravda), just released! They are:

“Right Whale”


“Edge of Safe”

You can read them here, if you wish:


The Editor, Adam Henry Carriere, is an amazing cryptic fantastic monumental soul. His panache and hurricane-strong editorship are overwhelming. Carriere published my full-length collection Jugularity recently--and he is still doing his very best to market it, as you will see if you follow the above link.

Jugularity also has a new review on Amazon (5 stars). You too can purchase this dark consortium of words--only $4. It is only a few clicks away (feel free to read the blurbs under the cover if you desire persuasion):


Thanks for reading, be good to yourself, and please forgive my crumpled exhausted mind.


PS: read my review of DM here:

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