Friday, May 24, 2013

Acceptance: WHL Review

Three poems accepted by Wilderness House Literary Review. I’m very pleased with these poems, which I worked on interminably, and also pleased that they are appearing in this excellent journal. The editor, Irene Koronas, always does a fantastic job sorting through the submissions to this popular venue.

The acceptance of “Capitol Shirt” is especially exciting, because it is based on the art of one of Maine’s most well-known and tremendously talented political artists: Natasha Mayers. Natasha created a series of postcard-sized acrylics (4 x 6 inches) that satirize the “suits” that control the financial world. You can view many of these postcards, each unique, here:

I am also working on a poem called “Road Man” based on one of Natasha's “bankster” postcards. She has given me permission to post the image in relation to this poem, and I will share that image here. The poem isn't honed yet:

I just found "Capitol Shirt" on my computer. Since she gave me permission, I will post this image too. I cannot post the poem yet, because WHL has first rights:



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