Saturday, March 30, 2013

Acceptance: Pirene's Fountain

The delicious journal Pirene's Fountain has accepted three of my poems for its April Issue. I'm a fawning fan of this sonorous oasis and you can read my review here:

Diving Delectably In

You have one last chance to submit to PR before it morphs and merges with Glass Lyre Press in 2014. There will be a reading period in September for the Fall/Winter Issue in October. After that, the Fountain is becoming an annual and -- EXCITINGLY -- it will combo with a press that is currently and enthusiastically calling for manuscripts--SUBMIT YOUR POETRY BOOK NOW! The guidelines for Glass Lyre are here:

This is a great time to submit, because the press is just starting out and that could mean very careful attention to your work. Let's face it, sometimes when you submit a manuscript, it hits the slush pile and languishes. Odds are good that won't happen at Glass Lyre.

I have very much enjoyed working (albeit ephemerally) with the editing team at Pirene's Fountain, and many of these same folks will be running Glass Lyre. They are kind, they are generous, they are lit savvy, and they are extra smart. These are the sorts of word-empaths you want reading your heartsongs. As always, check the guidelines for their needs, and what you can expect in return.

Congrats to Glass Lyre on its launch, and Viva La Fountain!!


PS: The three poems of mine accepted for the April issue are: "Air Meditation," "Over Arizona," and "Moth."


  1. Congratulations on your work being published here and interesting times ahead it would seem for Glass lyre.

  2. I'm often impressed by the mysterious names people think up for their poetry journals - I noticed following your links that you had a poem in Arsenic Lobster for instance. It's a whole subject in itself.